December 23, 2004

testing gnome-blog


Now I am testing a gnome applet . The applet is in gentoo portage.

Now I am testing a similar program, but written in c# and gtk#. this post is updated with this program. mbloggy.
Is stable for a alpha version.

December 22, 2004

F-Secure : News from the Lab

F-Secure : News from the Lab

Google stopped for now the spreading of the worm. The problem remain because the crackers can change the web search engine. I don't think Microsoft will stop the spreading like Google did.

Kasperky Lab report that is a new version of worm.

December 19, 2004

joustlog Google Suggest and GMail are a step backwards

joustlog Google Suggest and GMail are a step backwards

He is wrong about drafts, Gmail support saving drafts. I hope he will see my comment on his blog and will update the post.

Lately I am starting to use web applications. Why ? Because all I need is a browser and they are easy to use. For me Firefox is the "OS".
I started with Gmail. Very fast reading emails, a lot of space and I don't have to worry about reading a saved email from Windows or Linux. I started to use for mailing lists and groups, forums registrations, etc. But now is becoming the main email account. Another cool web application. Same pro, reading weblogs is far more easy and fast compared with a client.

So, the future are on web applications.

December 18, 2004

Where is going IBM ?

Seems like IBM is pushing Linux in desktop and is serious about the plans for replacing Windows in their environment. is all about Linux.
Now IBM is releasing a book on migrating to desktop Linux.

IBM PC business was sold to a China manufacturer, who is going to use Linux on workstations..

New architecture from IBM (powerpc) is develop in cooperation with Red Hat, Novell. It seems like IBM is going to focus on hardware.

I hope IBM Lotus Notes will be ported to Linux soon.

December 17, 2004


Starting today I am in vacation.

The plan:
First day of Christmas - visit some friends
Second day - Christmas party

30dec - 1jan new year's day - out of town for skiing and 00:00 party

Not really a vacation because I have to work a lot for school.

New tech stuffs looking for funny movie with Ballmer the monkey ? :P looking for a book in Harvard libraries ?

10,000 Firefox enthusiasts make history

December 14, 2004

windows problems

I had to do some programming in Windows.
My windows (xp) is updated, I have SP2 installed.
The main problem was Visual Studio. After I compile a program, Visual C++ don't want to compile again, ctrl break is not working so I have to kill every time msdev. (thanks god that I can save). Somebody told me that is a known bug and the solution is to kill every time VC++.

Maybe I used Linux too much, because now Windows seems so annoying. The programs are not responding, YM open a windows for every conversation (one solution is to use gaim in windows). Explorer (not IE) crashed some times, annoying popups, etc.

So I reinstalled. But now in Visual C++ is not working autocompletion. WTF. I was so upset that I restarted in Linux, tomorrow I will try again. I lost almost all day in this journey on Windows.

Eclipse is a much better IDE that Visual Studio. I don't understand how can a opensource program can have so little bugs compared to a closedsource. The main problem for Eclipse is that eat a lot of memory. But eclipse is very flexible, a lot of big bucks project is made on eclipse platform, we can extend eclipse with a lot of plugins.

Architecture of the World Wide Web, First Edition

Architecture of the World Wide Web, First Edition

I transformed html page in pdf, that can be found here.

make the picture appear in pdf. :D

December 13, 2004

You're Malaysia!

You're Malaysia!
You're really lanky and you enjoy spreading out over a lot of different
places, but you've really got your act together these days. It's still hard for you to
get respect, so you keep making greater and greater things so people will finally recognize
that you've arrived. If you keep persevering, people will hopefully recognize that you
have more than a nice spice cabinet to show for yourself.
Take the Country Quiz at the Blue Pyramid.

December 12, 2004

blogthis extension and blog changes

Preview Edge nice gtk theme.

Testing a Firefox extension for blogger. Similar to this.
I made some changes to the blog:
  1. a Laszlo widget
  2. bloglines support
  3. atom validation
  4. favicon
  5. Technorati profile
  6. Blogwise
Now I read weblogs with bloglines. Remaining feeds I will continuing to read with my Linux client Liferea.

ToDO for blog:
  1. Add Firefox icon with my ID from SpreadFirefox. done
  2. atom icon for feed done
  3. design the buttons. incomplete
  4. rename some feed links from bloglines incomplete
  5. to change my blogroll

December 11, 2004

New cool thing from google

Google Labs launched Google Sugest . A blog entry from the man behind the project.
The users of gmail service already use similar feature.

A explanation for how it works.
A quick autocomplete revolution from a Mozilla developer.

Blogger with Firefox is starting to annoy me when I edit entries. Adding a link with firefox in edit box is bugy.

December 05, 2004

nautilus rox

Today I find out a cool feature in Gnome Nautilus. At mouseover over a mp3 Nautilus play the mp3.

While writing this blog entry I find out a another thing, with CTRL+arrows I can change song in Rhyhmbox while I am in the Firefox browser. Foxytunes extension is guilty for that.