December 14, 2004

windows problems

I had to do some programming in Windows.
My windows (xp) is updated, I have SP2 installed.
The main problem was Visual Studio. After I compile a program, Visual C++ don't want to compile again, ctrl break is not working so I have to kill every time msdev. (thanks god that I can save). Somebody told me that is a known bug and the solution is to kill every time VC++.

Maybe I used Linux too much, because now Windows seems so annoying. The programs are not responding, YM open a windows for every conversation (one solution is to use gaim in windows). Explorer (not IE) crashed some times, annoying popups, etc.

So I reinstalled. But now in Visual C++ is not working autocompletion. WTF. I was so upset that I restarted in Linux, tomorrow I will try again. I lost almost all day in this journey on Windows.

Eclipse is a much better IDE that Visual Studio. I don't understand how can a opensource program can have so little bugs compared to a closedsource. The main problem for Eclipse is that eat a lot of memory. But eclipse is very flexible, a lot of big bucks project is made on eclipse platform, we can extend eclipse with a lot of plugins.

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