July 08, 2005

gui for configuring java environment

IBM Romania is promoting Linux and is sponsoring a student contest to make a Linux application. I am thinking to make a GUI for configuring java environment in linux.

Is anyone knowing if such GUI already exists ? I am not sure but I think they are, for products made by BEA, JBoss, SAP,etc.

For the GUI I am thinking at swt or java-gnome.

June 30, 2005

New blog

Last month I started a new blog in romanian language. The feed is for entire planet. I will talk with the administrator to make feeds per author.

May 28, 2005

java source code

Java5 source code is available for download with a new license.


Finally, I resolved a weird bug in nmap-sharp. The path after character # is ignored by the Proccess.StartInfo.Arguments.


A new draft for XHTML™ 2.0 is available.

May 25, 2005

Nokia and GStreamer

GStreamer is something like Direct{Sound, Music, Show} for Linux. Kind of audio part from DirectX.

Seems like Nokia is playing with Gstreamer for a new cool device.

Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

and Maemo
Maemo is a development platform to create applications for Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

Maemo is using a lot of open source projects like gtk, gstreamear, dbus.

May 21, 2005

NRobot - autonomous robot fighting game

Remember robocode ?

NRobot is exactly same thing but with C# and the gui is written in gtk#.
If you are on windows all you need is .net framework or mono and gtk# runtime (5.5M).
On linux you need mono and gtk#. I will provide later an ebuild for Gentoo Linux.

GTK# is only for linux, for windows is used Window.Forms

May 15, 2005

May 14, 2005

Hungarian notation

Hungarian notation seems deprecated.

The Microsoft naming conventions suggest using camel notation (initial lowercase such as someName) for variable names and Pascal notation (initial uppercase such as SomeOtherName) for method names and most other identifiers.

I still prefer hungarian notation for GUI elements like labels, buttons, etc.

What do you prefer ?

More info.

May 02, 2005

Unofficial Gentoo Development Guide

If you want to become a gentoo dev you must read this guide.

Latexer need some help on gentoo-dotnet and I am thinking to help him, but before that I need to became a gentoo dev.

Hristos a Înviat!

April 25, 2005

Linux, http and my blog

Microsoft and the 24-hour Linux phenomenon

Jim Allchin from Microsoft regarding Linux on servers: "Linux is the expected winner".


Jon Udell
on recent discussions about HTTP abuse. Article.


A long TODO: fix this blog. Is terrible broken. Comments and suggestions are welcomed.
I know that blogroll is too long, is dynamically load from my Bloglines account. I sent some suggestions to them.

April 23, 2005

religion is broken ?



















Which religion is the right one for you? (new version)
created with QuizFarm.com


I think religion in our days is broken. If you ask me if I believe in God, I would say yes, but if I answear to similar questions like this quiz, the answear is no.

PS: I am not satanism or islamism. :P

April 15, 2005

rss reader with ratings

Finally, I found out about a rss reader with a feature that I always wanted, ratings for feeds.
Let's see how is to read blogs and feeds with this reader. For now seems to be the best rss reader in the market.

Screenshot with Blogbridge:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

PS: I see some improvements on Blogger, a recover post button, and save as draft, publish post buttons are rounded.

April 12, 2005

standarde deschise

Cine doreşte crearea unui mediu IT dinamic în România poate participa la crearea unei comunităţi care să sprijine standardele deschise.

April 11, 2005


Resources for Websphere.

Nice article about Ant, a powerful toy.

Open-source software written in java can be found here.

gcc4 Release Candidate 1 is out. Can't wait to test it, especially new java open source implementation. Now I can build Eclipse and Gnome-java applications on a open platform.


Want to see popular links from http://del.icio.us/ ? Check http://populicio.us/

See ya!

April 05, 2005

romanian trolls on linux advocacy a

In February I joined Linux advocacy group. Sadly but that group is full of microsoft trolls. Somebody told me that the group was destroyed a long time ago. Today I found out that the trolls are from Romania(Cluj Napoca). Ruşine să vă fie.

Why some people are bashing Linux ? because they are lazy and proud.
They don't want to learn Linux, but they want to remain IT Experts. Instead, they are IT prostitutes.

April 03, 2005

smoking is evil

No smoking

Yet Another Attempt To Quit Smoking. The longest period without smoking was about a year.
So, smoke less, blog more. :)

March 29, 2005

Yahoo! 360° - Home

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I will start a blog in romanian at new service from yahoo, called Yahoo 360. If you want a invitation please leave a comment and a valid email.

Thanks Swaroop for my invitation.

March 25, 2005

BitDefender in Windows XP

BitDefender has announced a deal with Microsoft Romania to include a 1 year license for BitDefender 8 Standard Edition when you buy Windows XP Home Edition in Romania.

Next year, Windows will include Linux. ;)

One of the biggest church in USA switched to Linux. Here is why.

March 17, 2005


The forms in linux version of Firefox are kind of ugly. For ages I wanted to improve the look of the forms.
Now I found the solution. kudos to ilishin

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The Web Standards Project Acide Test

The Web Standards Project will provide a test for Internet Explorer 7.0 to see if it'll follow Web standards. The test is not only or IE.

March 12, 2005

gentoo installer

Some pictures with Gentoo Installer. Is based on gtk+ and I am not sure is going to be released for 2005.0.

I hope final version is going to be with another theme, something like clearlooks.

March 07, 2005

February 23, 2005

February 20, 2005

Exams, drugs and house :P

Lately, I am busy with exams. The last one is on Saturday (26-feb).

Work on nmap-sharp is doing well, I submitted the project at forge.novell.com. I am still waiting for approval.

Yesterday I smoked first cigar this year. Not good.
PS: normal cigar, the title is a joke after this song .

February 08, 2005

Gravatar and windows RIP

Gravatar - Globally Recognized Avatar


anyway, I lost a 15Gb fat32 partition. So, I lost half of my music, a lot of work for school and all windows programs. So from now on I will use only Linux.

Conclusion: bye bye Windows.

February 06, 2005

My Blogging Tips - Technorati Tag: RoBloggingTips

Experienţa mea de blogger a început în felul următor.

Pe Windows foloseam klipfolio pentru a citi ştirile. După ce am migrat pe Linux, am căutat ceva asemănător deoarece klipfolio nu era disponibil pe linux[1]. Şi aşa am descoperit rss-urile.

La momentul acela şi clienţii de rss din linux[2] erau cam spartani dar ce-i drept că nici nu erau aşa populare rss-urile. După un timp am început să selectez rss-urile şi aşa a rezultat o categorie cam necunoscută, la care i-am pus numele weblogs ;) Încetul cu încetul acea categorie tot s-a mărit şi a devenit destul de greu de citit. După care am descoperit www.bloglines.com, şi am mutat toate weblogurile acolo, clientul de rss rămând pentru citit ştirile, alerte de securitate, etc.

Aceasta a fost prima parte a experienţei mele de blogger. Am de gând să mai deschid un blog unde voi continua. Momentan n-am nici o idee unde îl voi deschide, mi-ar place mult să fie într-un blog comunitar, planet.chip.ro sau ceva asemănător. :P

Această intrare în blog a apărut în urma acestei iniţiative. Am descoperit că blogosfera românească este mai mare decât mă aşteptam cu persoane extraordinare. kudos pentru Carmen şi Gabriela.

[1] se pare că este în plan şi un client pentru linux
[2] http://liferea.sourceforge.net/

Technorati Tag:

nmap frontend in gtk#

I am writing a frontend for nmap in gtk#. The program will be crossplatform.
The GUI is almost done, initially I will port old frontend, after that I will try to add new features like settings(save, load), view logs, history of IP targets.

Is expected a new release of mono, gtk#, monodevelop.

I have a nightbuild version of Firefox, now is using gtk file selector. New web standard XForms is working without problem so far, Firefox being the first browser who support xforms.

February 02, 2005

gmail invitations


Seems that Gmail will spread with invitations.
First announcement of Gmail was in 1 April 2004. A lot of people thought that was a joke.
Maybe this year on 1 April, Google will make another joke like this.

February 01, 2005

remote control for my desktop

Exams are coming fast.

I am writing a remote control for my Linux desktop. What I want to do is:
  1. control audio player            done
  2. control video player
  3. access movie database
  4. control tv tuner
  5. to look like a real remote control, with a LCD screen.

BTW, in gtk# method setFromFile can't be used in a image widget.
You can do something like this:
   Gdk.Pixbuf pix= new Gdk.Pixbuf("/tmp/muine/1.png");
   imgCoperta.Pixbuf= pix;

January 26, 2005

blogs of some friends

Finally I convinced some friends of mine to blog.

Another friend of mine have a blog from a long time:

January 23, 2005

OpenOffice.org Web Buttons

Nicu Buculei made some web buttons for promoting OpenOffice in websites/blogs.

python program for muine

I finished a python program to show the current song from Muine, an audio player for linux written in C#.

For the moment can be used to show the song on irc channels via xchat and EXEC.

I am working to do a xchat plugin to control the player.
A gaim integration would be nice too.
Update: for now only perl scripts are suported in gaim.

Knowledge gained: python, dbus, regex.

January 20, 2005

bloglines - the most popular web aggregator

So, it seems that web applications are quite popular.
From bloglines I would like more customized webservices and some way to give ratings for blogs.

PS: blogthis extension is in my personal top5 firefox extensions.

RSS 1.1 from Sean B. Palmer on 2005-01-18 ([email protected] from January 2005)

RSS 1.1 from Sean B. Palmer on 2005-01-18 ([email protected] from January 2005):

"I'm pleased to announce the release of RSS 1.1"

January 16, 2005

The Atom Syndication Format

The Atom Syndication Format

Atom 0.4 is out
Now support encryption and a category element.

I hope Blogger and Gmail will update soon. My Linux feed reader is implementing support for this. Being a open source project anyone can contribute with patches so I expect that in couple of days he will support new atom specification.

January 14, 2005

about web applications

Paul Graham said about Web-based applications in his recent book, Hackers and Painters. "The idea of 'your computer' is going away and being replaced by 'your data.' You should be able to get at your data from any computer. Or rather any client, and a client doesn't have to be your computer.''

January 10, 2005

dirtSimple.org: Python Is Not Java

dirtSimple.org: Python Is Not Java
A great post in explaining advantages using Python instead of Java and how XML can expand them.
The comments of readers are also interesting.

This post demonstrate again how useful is a blog, you don't need to convince a newspaper to write your article, you can have your own newspaper with more feedback because you can interact with the reader and see where you thought wrong.

Pentru DeusX , aştept articolul tău despre Opera. ;)

January 07, 2005

firewire card

1062827228-card800.jpg (JPEG Image, 800x600 pixels)

Today I bought this card. I have plans to buy a DV Camera.
After installing this card I will remain only with one pci slot(1/6).

I also bought a 256 DDR module. Eclipse is eating a lot of memory.

new bloggers and old corporate bloggers

General Motors Vice Chairman has a blog.

Macromedia is starting to blog.

IBM blogs
Microsoft blogs
Sun blogs

January 03, 2005

what google employees use

http://intelligence.visitorville.com/company.php?co=Google+Inc .
Seems that google employees use Linux in proportion of 5%. I don't know how this data are gather but I think are very wrong or the google robots are not mentioned.

January 02, 2005

hi 2005

Happy New year.

I am back from vacation. Not much skiing. The main news is that I ended a 9 month relationship . . . a long story - yeah, I feel so good ;). New year, no smoke, no girlfriend, no drinks(hihi, just kidding about drinks :P)