January 26, 2005

blogs of some friends

Finally I convinced some friends of mine to blog.

Another friend of mine have a blog from a long time:

January 23, 2005

OpenOffice.org Web Buttons

Nicu Buculei made some web buttons for promoting OpenOffice in websites/blogs.

python program for muine

I finished a python program to show the current song from Muine, an audio player for linux written in C#.

For the moment can be used to show the song on irc channels via xchat and EXEC.

I am working to do a xchat plugin to control the player.
A gaim integration would be nice too.
Update: for now only perl scripts are suported in gaim.

Knowledge gained: python, dbus, regex.

January 20, 2005

bloglines - the most popular web aggregator

So, it seems that web applications are quite popular.
From bloglines I would like more customized webservices and some way to give ratings for blogs.

PS: blogthis extension is in my personal top5 firefox extensions.

RSS 1.1 from Sean B. Palmer on 2005-01-18 ([email protected] from January 2005)

RSS 1.1 from Sean B. Palmer on 2005-01-18 ([email protected] from January 2005):

"I'm pleased to announce the release of RSS 1.1"

January 16, 2005

The Atom Syndication Format

The Atom Syndication Format

Atom 0.4 is out
Now support encryption and a category element.

I hope Blogger and Gmail will update soon. My Linux feed reader is implementing support for this. Being a open source project anyone can contribute with patches so I expect that in couple of days he will support new atom specification.

January 14, 2005

about web applications

Paul Graham said about Web-based applications in his recent book, Hackers and Painters. "The idea of 'your computer' is going away and being replaced by 'your data.' You should be able to get at your data from any computer. Or rather any client, and a client doesn't have to be your computer.''

January 10, 2005

dirtSimple.org: Python Is Not Java

dirtSimple.org: Python Is Not Java
A great post in explaining advantages using Python instead of Java and how XML can expand them.
The comments of readers are also interesting.

This post demonstrate again how useful is a blog, you don't need to convince a newspaper to write your article, you can have your own newspaper with more feedback because you can interact with the reader and see where you thought wrong.

Pentru DeusX , aştept articolul tău despre Opera. ;)

January 07, 2005

firewire card

1062827228-card800.jpg (JPEG Image, 800x600 pixels)

Today I bought this card. I have plans to buy a DV Camera.
After installing this card I will remain only with one pci slot(1/6).

I also bought a 256 DDR module. Eclipse is eating a lot of memory.

new bloggers and old corporate bloggers

General Motors Vice Chairman has a blog.

Macromedia is starting to blog.

IBM blogs
Microsoft blogs
Sun blogs

January 03, 2005

what google employees use

http://intelligence.visitorville.com/company.php?co=Google+Inc .
Seems that google employees use Linux in proportion of 5%. I don't know how this data are gather but I think are very wrong or the google robots are not mentioned.

January 02, 2005

hi 2005

Happy New year.

I am back from vacation. Not much skiing. The main news is that I ended a 9 month relationship . . . a long story - yeah, I feel so good ;). New year, no smoke, no girlfriend, no drinks(hihi, just kidding about drinks :P)