May 28, 2005

java source code

Java5 source code is available for download with a new license.


Finally, I resolved a weird bug in nmap-sharp. The path after character # is ignored by the Proccess.StartInfo.Arguments.


A new draft for XHTML™ 2.0 is available.

May 25, 2005

Nokia and GStreamer

GStreamer is something like Direct{Sound, Music, Show} for Linux. Kind of audio part from DirectX.

Seems like Nokia is playing with Gstreamer for a new cool device.

Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

and Maemo
Maemo is a development platform to create applications for Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

Maemo is using a lot of open source projects like gtk, gstreamear, dbus.

May 21, 2005

NRobot - autonomous robot fighting game

Remember robocode ?

NRobot is exactly same thing but with C# and the gui is written in gtk#.
If you are on windows all you need is .net framework or mono and gtk# runtime (5.5M).
On linux you need mono and gtk#. I will provide later an ebuild for Gentoo Linux.

GTK# is only for linux, for windows is used Window.Forms

May 15, 2005

May 14, 2005

Hungarian notation

Hungarian notation seems deprecated.

The Microsoft naming conventions suggest using camel notation (initial lowercase such as someName) for variable names and Pascal notation (initial uppercase such as SomeOtherName) for method names and most other identifiers.

I still prefer hungarian notation for GUI elements like labels, buttons, etc.

What do you prefer ?

More info.

May 02, 2005

Unofficial Gentoo Development Guide

If you want to become a gentoo dev you must read this guide.

Latexer need some help on gentoo-dotnet and I am thinking to help him, but before that I need to became a gentoo dev.

Hristos a ĂŽnviat!